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My love affair with body movement began at a young age, spending countless hours in the dance studio practicing ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobats. I found yoga in 2006, at first focusing my practice on fitness rather than spiritual connection. After moving from Texas to Portland, Pilates stole my heart.


For two years I attended frequent Pilates classes. I experienced the fine articulations of the spine and core muscles, learned the beauty of connecting deeply within the body, and practiced the art of efficient body alignment and conscious muscle engagement.


Pilates is the groundwork on which I’ve built my yoga movement practice and teachings.


My experience with meditation and deep relaxation began through a Zen Center in my Portland neighborhood, where I immediately recognized a new playground – the vast world within the imagination and the practice of conscious mind engagement (and disengagement) to explore.


My professional background is in business analysis and, in general, my way of being is very systematic and strategic. I am naturally inclined towards an intellectual, rational approach to yoga. I study to comprehend, write to clarify, and practice to assimilate my experience of life.


Yoga means “union; to bring together to make one,” the purpose of which is “to assimilate.”


As a private yoga instructor, I actively channel your inner teacher. I read your posture and tension patterns to guide Yoga Movement,  Yin Yoga, and Pilates. I notice your mood and emotional quality to guide breathing, meditation, and deep relaxation. I use my skills as a teacher and communicator to guide you in your complete practice.

Yoga certification - RYT


I hold safe space for you to move, relax, and explore your deepest self.


I am so excited to accompany you towards your yoga. I honestly cannot wait to meet you.



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For more, check out my blog at http://insightinflux.com.