Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga class schedule – Open Awareness Yoga

I’m currently in London, England.

Look for updates here on special classes offered around the world.

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Past Studio Information


The Float Shoppe is a wellness center featuring float tanks (sensory deprivation), yoga, acupuncture, massage, counseling, and community space. Yoga class sizes are typically small (1-3 students). The yoga space glows with sunlight and an interesting, generous, and supportive community.






YoYoYogi is a power yoga studio with a full schedule of enthusiastic teachers and a welcoming, loving, inclusive community of all types of yogis and non-yogis alike. Class sizes at YoYo are typically large (15-25 students).



zenality yoga


Zenality is a yoga and movement studio dedicated to small, intimate classes that educate practitioners in the art of movement. The studio has a regular offering of Vinyasa yoga classes as well as special series class immersions including meditation and dance.






Past Class Descriptions


Each class may draw on any of the three Open Awareness Practice Techniques and more.

[  Yoga with Quinn @ The Float Shoppe  ]

Class features foundations of yoga postures, breath practices, and relaxation techniques. Our practice is often student request-driven and therefore therapeutic in nature. Class size is small (1-4 students) so each class session is tailored to the needs and desires of the students in class. Wednesday morning classes are more active and strong. Thursday evenings feature more stretching and relaxation.


[  Yin Yoga @ YoYoYogi  ]

The physical focus of Yin Yoga is on applying deep, controlled stress to your joints and connective tissues to increase mobility and ease within the body. Yin Yoga postures primarily address the shoulders, low back, and hips. Most poses take place seated or lying down and are held for 3-5 minutes or more. Students are always encouraged to listen to their own body to determine the level of comfort and stress that is most appropriate during each pose.

From a meditation and consciousness perspective, the focus is on experiencing the changing sensation you feel within your body and quieting your thinking mind. In class, we practice deep, rhythmic breathing, honoring time, and staying present.

The transformative practices of Open Awareness and Yin Yoga develop a deep sense of relaxation, effortless opening through the body, and healing by letting go of tension and patterns that no longer serve you.


[  Vinyasa @ Zenality  ]

This class is a more active practice focused on traditional yoga postures set in a flowing breath-to-movement sequence. This 60 minute lunch time flow will open and strengthen your whole body for a complete physical practice.


Are you interested, but not sure about joining a group class? Let’s schedule a private yoga session. Private yoga instruction is the most direct route to introduce you to your own practice in a way that resonates with you in this moment.

Some ideas for private sessions:

To Unify Your Whole Self     For Tight Shoulders and an Achy Low Back     For Exhausted Body and Cluttered Mind