For Tight Shoulders and an Achy Low Back

For Tight Shoulders And an Achy Low Back



Undo the Damage of Your Desk Job 

With hands-on guidance specific to your body, you will learn:


  • Stress-relieving stretches for your neck, shoulders, and back


  • Deep core stabilization exercises for long-term relief







Sitting at a desk all day leads to slouched shoulders and a slumped low back. Reverse these tendencies and build comfortable posture to undo the damage of your desk job.

In home sessions available around the United States.

I’ll bring everything you need, including a mat.


What to expect in your session:

  • Getting to Know You: client history and goals for your practice
  • Stretching & Strengthening: directed Yoga Movement
  • Rejuvenation: guided relaxation


Depending on what your needs are, sessions may include aromatherapy, soothing touch, Yin Yoga, and guided meditation tailored specifically for you.


After our work, you will be:

  • More in tune with your body’s tension patterns and habits, experienced from the inside-out
  • Inspired and prepared to incorporate these simple practices into your daily schedule for lifelong relief
  • Slip into Deep Relaxation – settle into stillness


In home sessions available. 


Contact Quinn for questions and scheduling:

-email- quinn [at] openawarenessyoga [dot] com

-call or text- (503) 893-9563



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