For Exhausted Body and Cluttered Mind

Meditation…Is it for me?

Meditation Session





  • More aware of and able to ease your habitual tension and thought patterns


  • Less judgmental and more accepting of yourself and your personal environment


  • Calmer and more relaxed; more focused and easy-going at work and home




You’ve heard lots of talk about mindfulness and meditation, but does it seem too boring, too new age, or too vague and unclear?


With Open Awareness Yoga, meditation is an engaging, straightforward practice that clears your mind, relaxes your body, and reduces your stress and anxiety.


If you’re curious but uncertain, it’s time to see how meditation can change your life.


In home sessions available. 

I’ll bring everything you need, including a mat.


What to expect in your session:

  • Getting to Know You: client history and goals for your practice
  • Loosening Up and Settling In: gentle stretching and restorative yoga
  • Guided Meditation: soothing, guided relaxation and meditation


Depending on what your needs are, sessions may include dynamic Yoga Movement, Yin Yoga, aromatherapy, and soothing touch.


Experience Deep Relaxation with no-BS guidance that’s calming and effective.


In home sessions available. 


Contact Quinn for questions and scheduling:

-email- quinn [at] openawarenessyoga [dot] com

-call or text- (503) 893-9563



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