To Unify Your Whole Self

To Unify Your Whole Self


 Open Awareness Signature Practice

You will learn:


  • Yoga exercises to tone, strengthen and lengthen the body for better posture & fitness


  • Effective methods to mellow out and enjoy every moment of your precious down time





Imagine building in regular personal time that is guiltlessly 100% yours. A practice dedicated to being restoratively selfish. No worries. No obligations. No outside stressors. Nothing that needs your attention but your own body and mind.


Are you ready to be inspired?

If so, you are ready for Open Awareness Yoga.

In-home sessions available.

I’ll bring everything you need, including a mat.


Open Awareness Yoga is a totally down-to-earth, no-BS approach to yoga and self-care.

In your private Open Awareness Yoga sessions, you will find that making time for yourself is both possible and necessary.


What to expect in your session:

  • Getting to Know You: client history and goals for your practice
  • Gliding through Your Practice: customized Open Awareness Yoga


Depending on what makes you feel best, sessions may include dynamic Yoga Movement, gentle stretching, Yin Yoga, aromatherapy, soothing touch, and guided meditation.


Leave knowing a bit of selfishness in your day makes for the best version of you. Be inspired to make simple, low-cost self-care a part of your regular routine with Open Awareness Yoga.


In home sessions available. 


Contact Quinn for questions and scheduling:

-email- quinn [at] openawarenessyoga [dot] com

-call or text- (503) 893-9563



More packages are available:

For Exhausted Body and Cluttered Mind     For Tight Shoulders and an Achy Low Back

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