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What is Open Awareness Yoga?

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Open Awareness is the perception of what simply is, without judgment, for the sake of personal evolution.

Open Awareness is compassionate observation.

Open Awareness is honest comprehension of yourself in all contexts.

Open Awareness combines Yin Yoga, Yoga Movement, Deep Relaxation, Pilates, and Tarot to address your needs, in the moment.

As you practice Open Awareness, you will develop a new relationship with your physical, mental, and spiritual self. You will become stronger and more flexible. You will experience a growing sense of calm and balance. You will find a steady peace and comfort in the constant transition that is life.

With Open Awareness Yoga, you step on the path of practice towards being your best self. In your own time and with your own intention, you peel away layer by layer. Your body and mind transform and evolve. You learn a practice that will guide you through the ups and downs of life.

Find your intuition. Find your truth. Find your inner wisdom. Practice Open Awareness.

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Private Session Ideas and Inspiration:

To Unify Your Whole Self     For Tight Shoulders and an Achy Low Back     For Exhausted Body and Cluttered Mind

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