How do I incorporate the Tarot in my teaching practice?


For one, it’s only if you want me to. I started reading the Tarot as a way to remix perspective on my own life and have found that it’s an incredible tool to help us see situations in our life from a new angle.


I don’t claim to know your future or forecast outcomes in any way, although you can ask me/the cards a forward-looking question and get good results. Generally, I don’t even want to know what it is you’re asking the cards.


When we share a reading, I’m simply translating the story of the imagery on the cards and how the cards relate to one another. As we talk through the spread of cards, some things I say will resonate with you. It’ll make sense. Like reading a horoscope, or your Myers Briggs results, you’re given a new set of words that you can say “Yes! That is me. It does feel that way.”


In this way, you gain more clarity and insight in your life. Typically, the cards validate what it is you’ve been feeling. You’ll have words that support your inner knowing. Like a good song, you can find expression through the cards.


The way I read Tarot is based on the hero’s journey (also known as the fool’s journey). It’s archetypal. The premise that we are all human, learning human things. Dealing with fear & courage, loss and grief, perseverance and strength, isolation and confusion, confidence and self-assuredness. These themes and more play throughout the cards in mundane and significant ways, just as they play throughout our days and lives.


The cards also speak to the four dimensions in life:

  • The emotional realm: matters of the heart, love, relationships, feelings and sensations that don’t have rational explanations.
  • The intellectual realm: applying words to feelings, bringing clarity to confusion, gaining hindsight and a broader perspective, brain and thinking driven stuff.
  • The creative realm: new ideas, ambition, intuition, transmutation, courageous adventures, unifying existing forms into something new, creation.
  • The material/physical realm: bringing ideas to form, making the abstract tangible, earning money, caring for our bodies, interacting with nature and the earth.


An example of these realms in life: An artist may start out with an emotional experience, the loss of a loved one, and from that comes forth a burst of creativity, a new idea of a work of art, envisioned in the mind’s eye. After effort, hard work, and time, the artist creates a painting, a masterpiece, bringing her idea to physical form, now able to share with others what was once only a hard-to-describe vision. Now the artist can step back and begin to intellectually comprehend what she’s gone through, coming to better understand her loss; her process of mourning, grief and creation. She’s able to apply words to something that was once amorphous, heart-felt, and impossible to grasp.


If you’re interested in a reading, just ask. I offer Tarot readings as part of yoga sessions or just on their own (no yoga clothes necessary.)