Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga


Yoga with Quinn at The Float Shoppe


What is therapeutic yoga? It’s simple, really. Use your yoga practice to treat how you’re feeling now. To stretch out those sore shoulders. To lift your bummed out mood.

Therapeutic yoga gives you a way to take control of your life. You will learn to better notice how you are feeling. And, you will learn how to do something about it.

You can use your yoga practice as self-administered therapy. You can learn tools that address your specific needs. Aches or injuries in the body. Dwelling emotions. Overwhelming moods. Lack or excess of energy.

Allow me to illustrate with a personal story.

Yoga for me (I’m Quinn, hi!) is a tool to take concrete action to bring balance to my life. Before I began my personal yoga practice, I lived at the extremes. I was joyous or depressed, excited or bored, loving or angry. I didn’t recognize my emotions in the in-between. Contentment hides in the in-between.


Yoga pulls me to center. To balance.

For example:

If I wake up in a depressed mood…

…I practice a few heart opening postures. These are mood lifting.

If I feel spacey and need to concentrate to plan out a class or work through my finances…

…I practice a third eye meditation. I draw my awareness into my mind and intellect and focus my attention at a single point for a few minutes. This prepares me to get on the grind and be efficient about getting good work done.

If I feel nervous energy, restless, or anxious…

…I practice forward folds or inversions, bending down over my legs or propping my legs up against a wall. This is calming and settling and helps me feel grounded.

(For a heart-wrenching example of how my yoga practice has showed up during trauma, you are welcome to read this piece I wrote about the day my beloved dog got hit by a car and killed.

It’s sad, but make sure you read the second half where I talk about how my yoga practice allowed me to soothe, settle, and incorporate the experience into my life.

Because of the therapeutic yoga tools I developed in myself, I am not traumatized by this event. I accepted it and moved on, with love.)

I experience LOTS of moods that shift and change with my environment and the moods of people around me. The therapeutic yoga tools I carry with me make me a productive, effective, and happy Quinn.

I am able to go through the motions of each day content and relaxed. I am ready to face unexpected trauma. I am ready for the mundane repetitions of daily life. I am ready to thrive. And so I do.

What will our work together bring you? What does therapeutic yoga mean in your life?

It means we build out your practice from your current condition. Your physical needs. Your current mood and energy level. Your personal intentions.

If you’re working with an injury, we include postures that address that injury.

If you have stuck emotions or are trying to cultivate certain qualities in yourself, we include practices that help move your energy to make space for your desires.

If something is going on in your work or home life, if you need courage or patience or help with falling asleep at night, we address these needs in your therapeutic yoga practice.

Therapeutic yoga is a holistic approach to your entire state of being.

I always ask my students and clients, “How are you feeling?” Every answer is appropriate, whatever is on your mind. That’s what we work with together.

It might be “My hamstrings are tight,” or it might be “I was on the phone with a friend in crisis for the last two hours.” We practice from there.

We avoid compartmentalizing and just go with who you are and what you need in that moment.


Therapeutic yoga is tailored to you.

  • Learn how to set a baseline of needs. You will notice your mood, mind, emotions, and body to set the stage for your practice.
  • Incorporate yoga movement, deep stretching/yin yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation practices to address your baseline and shift your energy in the direction you choose.
  • Become aware of the subtleties within yourself – the shifting of your emotions and awareness as you work through your yoga and the results of a completed practice in the rest of your day.
  • Learn lifestyle remedies for your common ailments – from anxiety and depression to your sore right shoulder.
  • Be inspired by the power of practice. Of assessing your self, addressing your self, and shifting your self through your yoga.


We have all woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The alarm goes off and you are in a sour mood, seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

“Ugh,” you think “the whole day is going to be this way, I can just feel it.”

Not so!

With a therapeutic yoga approach, you’ll learn ways to take back power and walk through life with contentment, perseverance, and patience.

To find Open Awareness Yoga therapeutic yoga in Portland, check out my schedule and pick the class that sounds the best. If you want personal attention and the most potent practice, let’s book a private session.


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The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my continued education and experience, not derived from my status as an RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.