Active Yoga

Active yoga means practices that build strength and stability in the body. Although we move at a mindful pace, you can still expect to build heat and work muscles. 


These practices can be done on their own in a complete class or private session and are often woven together with somatics and the passive yoga practices.


In an active practice, we use an anatomy-informed approach to traditional yoga poses. We start from a foundation of functional alignment and find variations of shapes that work best for your body. There isn’t one right way to do any of the poses. In each shape, you should be able to breathe and feel freedom, not restriction, through your spine.


Some poses may be challenging, but the effort should not come at the expense of your well-being. Through practice you learn to find your edge and gently but firmly increase your flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance and strength.


Active yoga group classes are accessible, taught with options for different bodies with various needs.


Private sessions are collaborative and designed to fit the specific needs of the student. We choose poses therapeutically: What posture can we try that will best serve your body, mind, and emotions right now? We use this same approach to choose other styles of practice like breath work, somatics, or meditation. I’ll explain to you why, so you learn how to put together your own practice without me there.


We typically utilize props to support your body in the postures, with common household alternatives if you don’t have yoga gear at home! Blocks or hardback books, blankets or towels, bolsters or firm pillows, and yoga straps or old belts do the trick.