Free Yoga Classes - Portland, OR

Yin with Quinn Series

Open Awareness Yoga provides this video series for free in hopes of making Yin Yoga more accessible. Learn Yin Yoga at your own pace with our 6 part video series.

In Studio Classes around Portland

In-person classes in Portland, Oregon

Fees vary depending on the studio

Past classes and other ways to learn

Here are some of the past classes. Please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions, I’m always looking for feedback.

Video Series

I have a library of videos on YouTube that are free and available for you to watch at your convenience. Find classes and tutorials that fit your current practice and goals. 

Anatomy-Based Classes​

These classes provide a better understanding of your body and its functions.

Emotion-Based Classes​

These classes focus on mental health, anxiety, and other emotional strains we deal with.

Active, Sweaty Classes​

These yoga classes are movement-based and generally have a faster pace.

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Private Lessons

1 on 1 Yoga Session

Rate is on a sliding scale.