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Yin Yoga is a passive practice that targets the deeper tissues in the body by holding stretch poses for 3 to 5 minutes at a time.

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Located in Portland, OR, Open Awareness Yoga provides this video series for free in hopes of making Yoga more accessible.

How is Yin Yoga different?

Here are some things that set Yin Yoga apart from other more active yoga practices. Yin is:

What is Yin Yoga good for?

Open Awareness Yoga uses Yin poses to:

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I particularly love her yin yoga class.


Yin yoga is exercise for your body’s connective tissues, not your muscles. These less-fluid tissues require application of slow, steady pressure.


The job of our muscles is to protect our joints. In a yin practice, you ask your muscles to let go and allow access to the deeper tissues that they protect.


Practicing yin yoga applies a safe, controlled stress on your joints. You relax through your muscles and allow the slow, steady pressure of gravity to do the work.


Yin yoga is different from restorative yoga mostly in the way we use props. In restorative yoga, we aim for complete comfort. During yin, you’re likely to feel the sensations of stretch and opening.


Yin is a passive, meditative practice. We live in a fast-paced world where we’re always on the move. Yin is the practice of stopping. Of staying still. Of honoring the time it takes to safely work into our deep tissues.

Sequences and poses

What to expect when practicing Yin Yoga:

Videos and Live Yin Yoga and Gentle Yoga Classes

Common questions on Yin Yoga

What is the difference between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?

Does Yin Yoga build strength?

The short answer is yes – just not in the way you might be thinking. Learn more about how Yin Yoga builds strength.

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I want yoga to be accessible to everyone and provide free weekly classes at no cost.

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I currently hold a 30-minute gentle yoga session every Friday. Please join and relax as we finish the week.

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