all about you

All About You

Challenge: Rapid fire answer the following questions to yourself in your head as you’re reading. If you don’t have an answer you can pause to think about it or you can just say to yourself “pass.” (You can do whatever you want, actually.) 


What are you most interested in? (Try not to judge yourself when you answer. It can totally be reality TV.) What do you google for fun? What Wikipedia pages are you most often reading? What do you regularly make time to do?  

Why do you think you’re interested in it? When did you start being interested in it? What is it about this thing that motivates you to keep thinking about it or doing it?  

Is it a new interest or something you’ve been into for a while? If it’s new, is there a natural thread from something you were interested in before? If it’s old, how has it changed over the years? Is there an evolution you can track?

Is this thing related to what you do (or did) for a living? Are there any cross points at all? How do the other things you spend time on (interesting to you or not) influence this thing we’re talking about? 

Are any of your friends interested in this same thing? Do you have a community you interact with regarding this thing?  

Has your interest in this thing every waned? If so, what has kept it in your life? Is your interest in it waning now? Is it important you stick with it? If your answer is yes: why? If your answer is no: what happens if you let it go? 

And…DONE. High five!

I started today’s post with an interesting-to-me but probably boring-to-you essay on what I like about practicing yoga poses. I thought it might be more interesting for both of us to send you some of the same questions I was asking myself. I wonder, did you have any insights? 


Image by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels