Anxiety, Burnout, & Overwhelm

Anxiety, Burnout, & Overwhelm


Hello anxiety, my old friend. Here we are, we meet again.

You know, sometimes there’s a reason for it. Something going on in my life or the world that causes that familiar buzzing feeling in my body. Sometimes there’s no explanation, it’s just a physical sensation.

It’s not always unpleasant, but it does always effect the way I go about my day. It’s good to be aware that I’ve got an edgy ride-along for any given activity. It’s also nice to balance my nerves with a yoga practice.

This week’s Tuesday Yoga Live is designed to balance out anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm.

Sweet relief! There is a way to refill the mental and emotional bank account so we’re not overdrawn until the next vacation. Because, let’s face it, it’s a challenge to get away right now.

When our nervous system is running on overdrive, when we wake up in fight or flight mode, sometimes we need to let off some steam and then release the brain, tump it upside down and reverse the pressure.

So, instead of going somewhere else, let’s come home to our bodies and give them what they need to ground into a sense of peace and calm. It’s only an hour out of your day.


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