April 2023 Workshops

Just Breathe

Sellwood Yoga
SE 13th Ave
Thursday, April 13, 2023


Improving your breathing improves every single moment of your life. It’s a simple thing that’s easy to overlook, something mundane yet miraculous.


Working with your breathing drops you deep into the present moment, settling your busy mind on the rhythm of inhale and exhale. It’s not only a meditation tool, it’s a path towards less tension, better digestion, more energy, sounder sleep. There’s not an aspect of life that your breath doesn’t touch. After all, as long as you’re alive you’re breathing.


In this two-hour workshop we’ll explore the anatomical mechanics of breathing and move in ways that that help us find space to take deeper, more relaxing breaths.


Expect somatic inquiry, guided breath exploration, yoga movement, applied anatomy, and finally pranayama (traditional yogic breathing techniques).


You’re invited to explore, learn, and experience.


Deep breaths soothe souls.


Choose what you pay $40 or $45

Yoga for Menstruation

The People’s Yoga
SE Hawthorne
Saturday, April 22, 2023


Periods can sometimes be rough, and yoga can help us use this time for self care, introspection, and reconnection with self.


Learn about what’s happening in your body throughout your monthly cycle and how to use yoga to help ease the common discomforts of menstruation, including cramps, lethargy, achey joints, and a sore low back.


This workshop will be useful to you whether or not you’re currently menstruating. Many of these same practices also help with digestive discomfort.


$30 with a 10% TPY member discount


Image by A B from Pexels