Belief, or not

The word energy can mean a lot of things. Energy is the fuel we use to drive our cars, light our homes, and power our lives. Energy is lacking when we haven’t gotten enough sleep and it’s overwhelming when we’re in the midst of a party full of hyper 5-year-olds. Energy is the healing connection between compassionate friends, and the bad vibes you feel that make you want to turn around and leave a place.  

In some cases energy can be observed directly. In others, energy is enigmatic. Energy exists on both sides of the “reality” line. It’s observable and obvious on one side, and mysterious like magic on the other.  

Recently I’ve been asking myself what, if anything, I believe in. I believe in what I see. I believe I have hands that are typing these words right now. I believe that seasons change and people try and death is inevitable. I believe in science. But do I have any spiritual beliefs? Do I believe in anything that requires a measure of faith?  

This line of questioning is how I got to thinking about energy. To be honest, I’ve been feeling spiritually bereft, like something is missing from my life because I don’t feel like I believe in anything mystical. I don’t know if having mystical beliefs is a necessary component of living a meaningful life, but because I’ve had them in the past and they were at least fun to have and, more significantly, helpful in sorrow, I was feeling a sense of loss. Anyway, some people have mystical beliefs and some people don’t and I guess I toe the line.  

So, I ask myself, what do I believe in? 

I believe in energy. It would be kind of dumb not to. It works when I flip the light switch on, so it’s reasonable to believe in. It’s observably real. It’s scientifically valid. Okay. Now I’m not even sure this fits the essence of “belief.” 

My thoughts on energy unfold further.  

There’s another side of energy I believe in. A magical side. A side with no good evidence. Cheers for the mystical! I’ve found something I believe in!

I spend time every day moving my internal energy around per yogic practices. I put my hands on my body and send myself healing energy. I think about the people in the world who need good thoughts, and I send them energy, too. This kind of energy I cannot directly observe, or point to the scientific evidence, or prove. Yet, I do it and I feel it and it helps me. I believe in a thing! 

I wonder how you feel about belief. Do you spend any time thinking about what you believe in? If you’ve determined you’re not a spiritual person or one for mystical beliefs, does it feel like something is missing? Like, does the question ever come back up for you…what do I believe in?  

Ya know, I’ve been returning to this question my whole life. Realizing this now actually makes me wonder about you more broadly. Are there any repetitive “big questions” you’ve returned to again and again? If your life was themed on a question, what would that question be? 

Mightn’t the answer be 42?