Different Yoga Teaching Styles

Not all yoga teachers are the same. Some might be teaching one way, a “right way” to do things. Some students like this style. There can be comfort in knowing what’s correct and what’s not. In knowing the hard and fast rules. In having a teacher that has the answers. ⁠

I’m not this teacher. ⁠

I see that each person I work with is unique in body, mind and spiritual background. Some are religious, some spiritual, some none of the above. Some are concrete and prefer scientific efficacy. Others love the mystical and magical. Many are interested in a little of each, if they feel it helps them grow. ⁠

One thing my private yoga clients all have in common is a desire to transform, to live a life more honest to their true selves, and the willingness to go there. To try new things, experiment, and choose for themselves what works and what doesn’t. ⁠

The people who work with me are willing to say “I don’t like that practice, it didn’t do anything for me” and “that was interesting! Can we do more of this kind of stuff?” ⁠

You want to be in the driver’s seat. You aren’t asking me for all the answers. You’re asking me for tools and guidance that helps you uncover your own answers and probably even more questions. You seek to open your own awareness, not to adopt my understanding or anyone else’s. ⁠

What I offer you is my whole self as a resource. My study of yoga postures, anatomy and movement, and work with folks with various physical conditions and injuries helps us develop a healthy physical practice fit to your needs. There’s great benefit in the details.⁠

My study of philosophy, practice of meditation and experience guiding people deeper into their bodies, breath, and imagination helps you focus your mind, relax your body and emotions, and connect to your inner knowing. ⁠

And my playful, esoteric side loves to use tools like Reiki energy work, Tarot cards, and crystals to support you when you need those good vibes, a new perspective, and a little sparkly magic to inspire you on your way. ⁠

If you’re interested in yoga as a personal practice, please reach out. I’m now offering free 30-minute phone consultations. Let’s schedule something.


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