Feminine/Masculine or Yin/Yang

“And to your left you’ll find…your feminine side.”⁠

So…let’s not get crazy here, let me back up and say yin instead of feminine, and for that matter, yang instead of masculine. These are more encompassing and less loaded words, anyway, yin and yang. People don’t hear yin and think “women” and yang and think “men” and then wonder where non-gender-binary fits in and think up arguments about the patriarchy or the unfair classification of nurturing traits as feminine traits, etc etc. Maybe using the words yin and yang can reduce the angst. ⁠

“Yin and yang” is just one way of seeing things. And the way these words are traditionally used requires they be used in context. Nothing is inherently yin. Nothing is inherently yang. One thing can be yin in relationship to a second thing, but yang in relationship to another. ⁠

Let’s back up again. ⁠

Yin attributes:⁠
Receptive | Passive | Dark | Night | Cool | Dense | Feminine⁠

Yang attributes:⁠
Assertive | Active | Light | Day | Hot | Hollow | Masculine⁠

So…a cup of coffee may be yang (hotter) in relationship to a cup of ice water but yin (cooler) in relationship to a cup of molten lava. See…coffee isn’t inherently yang. It can be called yin, too. I love this. ⁠

Why do we feel like once we identify with something, or categorize something for the sake of understanding it, we can’t then jump out of that category and call it something else? Who, pray tell, is locking in opinion? Can’t opinions change? Don’t they often? Or are you afraid to change your opinion because of what people might think? Why?⁠

What is this set in stone way of thinking we so often adopt? Can we be more flexible? Can we explain context, and allow things to change depending on the context? Can we allow a little more freedom for being, for thinking, for changing for goodness sake? ⁠

For C H A N G I N G for the sake of goodness?