Freedom is a State of Mind

I’ve been reassessing my relationship to freedom lately, given that in the post-COVID world we’re living in right now,  I can do the most good for the world by staying inside my one-bedroom apartment. ⁠

When things got challenging before, I used to imagine myself going far away, across the ocean, living my life in a new world. For now that fantasy seems so unrealistic, it doesn’t help. So my brain searches for another sense of freedom. ⁠

It’s landed on the idea that real freedom is a state of mind. Real freedom isn’t something that can be taken away from me. It’s not contingent on my circumstances (do I like my home, is my partner driving me crazy, am I tired of getting my social kicks in the risky environs of the grocery store). ⁠

If it was, damn, because then I’d be waiting on someone or something else to grant me freedom for literally my whole life. I’m not a prisoner like that…⁠

If I’m a prisoner at all, I’m a prisoner to my own rigid mindset. My own idea that I’m stuck and only if something would change then I would be free. I have to actively choose to think something different. I choose not to let my circumstances have power over me like that. I choose to set myself free. ⁠

If you know me at all, you know I do this with my yoga practice. It’s an ongoing and purposeful effort I make every day. And it works for me. ⁠

I tell you this so that you know there’s a real way out of this mental anguish. It’s not quick and easy. It’s not a one-and-done reset button. There’s no surgery, or pill, or magic lamp. ⁠

It requires your will power, daily effort, and dedication to your goal (in this case, freedom). But if you’ve got the will, there is a way.⁠

So…get in gear and join me for yoga. As first it won’t seem like something so ordinary could set you free…could in fact be yourself setting yourself free…but keep at it. I can promise you you’ll change. ⁠

Let me get you started: Live Streaming yoga classes on Tuesday at 4:00 Pacific on Instagram and YouTube (Free), Wednesday and Friday online classes at 12:30 Pacific on Zoom. Private Zoom sessions available on request. ⁠

Send me a message. Let’s start digging out of the holes we’ve put ourselves in.