What Does “Holy” Mean?

What does the word “holy” mean to you? Spiritually significant? Perfected? Sanctified? Full of holes? ⁠

Adam and I like to visit various sacred places when we travel – temples, churches, energy vortexes, stupas, you name it. We enter each of these spaces with a sense of respect and openness, and they all hold us with a sense of peace and profundity. ⁠

We don’t necessarily belong to any of them, nor are we complete strangers. We are human, after all, as are all those who walk through the entryways into these places, even if the spaces hold a different personal significance to each one of us. Or no significance at all. ⁠

Are you the type of person who attributes meaning to things? Or are you in the “all is meaningless and we’re just alive and then dead” camp? (Obviously, these aren’t your only two options.)⁠

Everybody, every single person, thinks differently. I quite like this about reality. ⁠

I remember a PSA from when I was little with Genie from Disney’s animated Aladdin (Robin Williams). Someone was saying “Great minds think alike,” and Genie swoops in and assertively says “Great minds think for themselves.”