I Miss You


Since the very first week of my pandemic life back in mid-March, I’ve been teaching Tuesday Yoga Live. I picked Tuesday because it was my first class of the week (shoutout to my LA Fitness Beverly Hills crew!) and my first class that was cancelled due to the pandemic.

I knew that if anything was going to get us through an upheaval, it would be yoga.

And I knew that if I didn’t keep teaching my husband Adam would soon be the hapless victim of unsolicited postural adjustments. Teaching is an itch I have to scratch.

I had to get over myself in many ways: Overcome my fear of putting myself out there so publicly. My tense reaction to being on camera.

Adam figured out how to set up our one-bedroom apartment in a way that you could see the almost 6 feet of me from head to toe.

I had to decide what in the world to teach to a class of unknown people during what we came to refer to as “unprecedented times.” (Who else is tried of hearing this?)

To state the obvious, livestreaming is a one-way street.

Studio classes are multi-way. The teacher got to see your faces and bodies, you got to see each other. We got to say hi and I got to hear what you needed extra support with or wanted to work on.

Gosh…I miss you!

On the other hand, I really do love teaching over live video. It’s allowed many of us to reconnect – from Portland to Texas, New York, and London. It’s such a pleasure to know we’re still in each other’s lives.

Because we’re social creatures, it feels nice to know we’re doing one thing at the same time together each week. Coming to our yoga practice, gathering our blankets, bath towels and hardback books, and turning on our devices to learn and feel and breathe.

This is why I’m trying something new for the month of October. I’ll be hosting every other Tuesday Yoga Live on Zoom.

Class will still be totally free and you don’t have to turn on your video, although you already know I wanna see you.

I’ll still practice with you for much of class, but I’ll also be able to see you and offer suggestions if you want them.

We’ll still meet on YouTube or Instagram Live the other two Tuesdays. And I’ll still repost the YouTube Live sessions for replay on my channel.

The desire I hear most often from students and friends is for community. This Zoom setup gives us a chance to build that, if only for a couple of minutes before and after class – seeing other folks who are breathing along with you and saying hi if you don’t feel too shy.

Life is a grand experiment, isn’t it? Let’s see how we like Tuesday Yoga Live on Zoom.



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