Interests, Fascinations, and Dreams

I’m really into yoga. It’s quite literally everything I do, since I see my yoga as approaching life with a spiritual mindset, involving my body in this practice, & regularly & often expressing gratitude to the Divine for all of it. It’s more than just physical, more than meditation…it’s a commitment to a complete system in which to plug all my interests, fascinations, & dreams.

Some of those interests include anatomy & functional movement, fascia & yin yoga, meditation, visualization, conscious breathing, & working with subtle energy (prana, chi, Reiki). I love learning to be a better educator & teacher. I love waxing philosophic. I love diving into the world of infinite perspective. I love concepts & I love practical application. Above all else, I love to learn & grow, to integrate my knowledge & make new connections, to mindfully and intentionally evolve.

I care very much about figuring out how the hell to navigate this world some of us are just awakening to. A world where I realize every day my limiting beliefs about women & question my experiences & assumptions. Where every day I realize ways in which my white privilege has given me more opportunities & an easier life than my non-white fellow humans. Where every day I wonder what I can do about this.

Part of my answer is to continue to practice. I wholeheartedly believe, I know, that if we practice all will come. Any honest, self-motivated spiritual practice will do. I believe that the most significant impact one can make on humanity starts by doing the work on oneself. We do the deeply personal & intimate work of becoming better people so that we can stand in our power as role models who both know & live our personal values & admit & makes amends when we’ve fallen short of our own commitment to doing what is right.

Every thought we think, every action we take ripples outward in currents. It is a great power to take responsibility for exactly everything we put out there, including those thoughts we keep to ourselves. The work isn’t for how people see you. The work is to purify the truth within yourself. Within myself. These are my beliefs. This is my practice. This is my yoga.