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Think about what your priorities are today. What about for this week? Name three things to yourself that are on that list. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Whatever comes to mind. Answer this:

Three of my priorities are:


Did an item that counts as taking care of yourself show up on your list?

If it did, great! If not, what’s keeping you off your priorities list? Better yet, instead of spending time thinking about why you’re not on your own priority list and feeling bad about it, let me tell you it only takes a minute to do.

Seriously. Just take one juicy, deep breath. Even while you multi-task and read this, feed your lungs with fresh air and then breathe out all the carbon dioxide. You might even wind up yawning.

Success! You’ve done something good for yourself.

It really can take only a minute to do something to help yourself feel better.

Sometimes we hold off on doing a good thing because we just aren’t ready to commit. I get it. You don’t have to commit!

Just take a minute for a deep breath and consider that good enough for now. Baby steps towards prioritizing yourself.

In this same vein, I’ve got a surprise coming up for you on Wednesday of this week! I’ll post about it when they’re ready. Hint: there’s a lot more you can do with a minute than take a deep breath. I’m super excited to share!

Until then, I’ll see those of you who have an hour for practice on Tuesday at 4:00p or Thursday at 5:30p Pacific.



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