Radical Self Acceptance


The first step in any creative process is becoming aware. Without knowing what we’re working with, how will we create? Without knowing where we are, how will we get to where we want to be?

We must start with whatever is right here and now, whatever is present with us in this very moment.

There’s a raw honesty to mindful, non-judgmental observation. There is tremendous power in self awareness. So often, this power is a point blank facing of your fear. Smile at it. Accept what you see. Then get on with the work.

Give your own hand a gentle squeeze and your own butt a “you’ve got this” pat and step firmly into your practice with the most radical kind of self acceptance. The generative kind. The kind that supports the process of becoming, the process of creation.

Why let honesty defeat you? You can hold present reality and future goals in your mind at once. Accepting what is by no means indicates that you’ve resigned yourself to staying that way forever. Accepting what is doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your dreams. In fact, it’s the most efficient way there. It’s the first step. Now you know what you’re working with.

It’s your miraculous body and powerful mind, the body and mind you’re using right now, that are bringing you on the journey. There’s been no mistake. You’ve come here to be you. You’ve come here to learn. You’ve come here to create.

Want to do it together? Join me for practice this week. Crawl into the present moment and get to know yourself a bit better because of it.



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