Things Have Been Intense

Things have been intense in my world recently. And the more I reach out to friends, the more I hear that it’s been intense in others’ worlds, too.

Intense in a specific way. Relationship intense.

Whether it’s your relationship with your partner or your boss or the person on the street, has human-to-human interaction been amplified? More emotionally charged?

This isn’t bad. It seems to me to be progressive. Sometimes emotions are intense, and when two people come together and work through that discomfort, something changes.

If we keep all that intensity inside, if we don’t speak up when we need to, our bodies take the toll. We pack that stress into our aching shoulders or let our GI systems burble up with tension and IBS.

Emotions are visceral. Visceral as in felt. Visceral as in viscera. Your viscera are literally your organs. Emotions originate in your body. And when we don’t process healthfully, these emotions can become embodied trauma and physical dis-ease. For more on the science behind this, here’s an article I wrote on interoception.

Based on my own needs and those of the folks I’ve connected to recently, I put together this Yoga for Intense Emotions class. It’s an hour long, practical guide designed for you in the midst of intensity to help yourself calm down, as well as a training so you have these tools when you need them.

In class, we fully acknowledge and honor the fact that intense emotions can make it difficult to stay still, pay attention, and especially to calm down. In a practice that flows smoothly, you’ll learn techniques to channel the intensity into whatever you need it for, be it honest confrontation, radical shifts, or deep acceptance when you can’t change a thing.

Yes, I’m 100% suggesting you have the hard conversations. I’m also suggesting you do some internal and embodied work so you share your emotions from a place of compassion and self-control. Because chances are, you won’t be the only one having feelings. Can the goal be to listen, hear, and express with honesty? It takes courage. I think this class can help with that, too.

There are more opportunities to practice with me live this week. All those details and links to the livestreams are below.

This is an honest invitation to you: please reach out if you need me. I’m here for you and I’m super enthusiastic about sharing tools that have helped me in my own life.



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