The Science Behind Energy and Yin Yoga

1.5 – 2 hour workshop exploring the science behind muscles, fascia (connective tissues) and energy movement in the body.

A fully immersive experience including meditation, an interactive science lesson suitable for all, and a complete Yin Yoga practice designed for you to embody what you’ve learned. For more information on Yin Yoga, click here.

Topics include:

  • The difference in muscles and fascia, and exercise specific to both (yang vs. yin yoga)
  • How and where lines of energy (chi) move through the body
  • A new perspective on samskara and habit patterns
  • The purpose and technique of yin yoga – how it’s different and why we need it

Followed by a meditative, all-levels yin yoga practice.

A new type of classroom that uses mind/body/spirit techniques to bring you on a holistic intellectual, tangible, and spiritual journey to deepen and balance your yoga practice.


Previously A Cartographer’s Journey of the Body, first held at YoYoYogi in Portland, Ore.