Announcing an Open Awareness Yoga Yin Yoga class series


In Living Open Awareness: An Exploration of Yin Yoga, you will learn various ways to use Yin Yoga to guide your own holistic growth and development.

Each class will introduce a topic and be followed with an experiential Yin Yoga practice.

Whether you are looking to increase flexibility and range of motion or deepen your connection to Self, in this series you will find new ways to explore and respond to your body and mind.

You will walk away with:

  • Practical knowledge about your body, nervous system, and the practice of Yin Yoga
  • A sense of deep relaxation and a felt sense of self
  • Inspiration and know-how to use your yoga practice as a therapeutic tool for your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and/or spiritual needs.

Week-by-Week Focus Topics

Week 1: What is Yin? How is it Different?

-Yin and Yang as contextual language

-Qualities of Yin and Yang

-Yin (vs. Yang) with regards to the body and exercise

“I exist in relation.”


Week 2: Developing a Felt Sense: A Cartographer’s Journey of The Body

-Intro to Fascia and Connective Tissues

-Explore your body’s deep physical connections

-Develop inner sight

“I am a body.”


Week 3: Third Party Perspective: Bearing Witness to the Self

-Intro to metacognition

-Focused Attention meditation

-Mindfulness meditation

-Experiencing all things as sensation

“Let it come. Let it go.”


Week 4: Slowing Down to Catch Up: Forward Folds, Mind Slows, and Insight

Tonight we melt. Not much talking. Lots of sinking.

“I am safe.”


Week 5: Working With Your Stress Response: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System

-Intro to the Autonomic Nervous System

-Understand “Fight, Flight…Freeze.”

-Conscious Breathing to Calm

“I relax into this.”


Week 6: Developing Conscious Response: Addressing Your Moods with Yin Yoga

-Anxiety and Depression as a Spectrum

-Meditation and Journaling

-Mental State and Body State can be different

“I feel, I respond.”


Each class will be 90 minutes long and include a short lecture/discussion (to feed the intellectual mind and level-set the brain), followed by an experiential Yin Yoga practice (to bring the focus home to your body, locking it in).

Class is appropriate for all levels.


Join us to comprehend and to feel. To consider and to act. To learn to live in Open Awareness.

Mondays 6:00 – 7:30P

Shine Yoga

2377 NW Westover Road
Portland, Oregon 97210

$65 for all 6 classes with pre-enrollment. Register online at Shine Yoga. 

If you have any questions, please contact Quinn at quinn [at] openawarenessyoga [dot] com or 503-893-9563.


About the Teacher:

Quinn Shuff is a certified yoga instructor who has adopted the practice of Yin Yoga as personal therapy. She dove into her home practice of Yin over a year ago, meeting herself for hours each day exploring the postures, sensations, and memories that arise in deep stretching, conscious relaxation, and stillness. Because the effects of her practice were so palpable – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – Quinn’s continuing education and studies have been directed towards understanding the theories that support this practice. In addition to a regular library book habit (favorite topics: trauma, spiritual practice, yoga, and the occasional dystopian novel), Quinn is currently undertaking a seven month therapeutic yoga training that includes in-depth lessons on Anatomy & Physiology, Chakra & Meridian theory, Musculoskeletal Pathology, Connective Tissue Anatomy, How Emotions Manifest as Physical Pain, and Yin Yoga.