Yoga Philosophy


There’s a lengthy yoga philosophy note below. If you enjoy the practice, especially if you don’t know much about yoga as a whole, I hope you take the time to read through.

Here we go!

In the yoga philosophy, all beings are more than their bodies and minds. We are more than our identities, more than this one lifetime. We are eternal beings, beyond birth and death. Becoming aware of this and practicing with our whole package deal, everything that ails us and everything that supports us in this life, this is part of yoga.

Yoga. Union. After long-term, consistent, and devoted practice, to become purified and clear. A smoothly flowing, balancing channel to shine your light, your connection to divinity, into the space and time you occupy. As it is, being human, we shine forth a mix of this and all our saṃskāra: our patterns, impurities, blindspots. We bring forth our light mixed with our shadow. This is as it should be.

Studying yoga, we learn we must see our gifts and our shadows, our not-so-flattering attributes, to become aware of all of who we are. Without knowing your shadow side, how could you possibly overcome, grow beyond, go beyond these of your obstacles?

At first these obstacles may seem overwhelmingly complex. The application of the practice of yoga, of removing your obstacles, may feel confusing. You’re uncertain it’s working, what you’re even doing. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Follow the system, stay true to yourself, find confidence in your gifts and come to know your shadow. Practice and your patterns become clearer, the process simpler.

Practice your yoga. Get out of your own way. Remove your obstacles. Transform.

With yoga (or any other spiritual or psychological discipline), we purify the complexities to see the simplicity and ultimately come to remember the truth. The truth deep in our own hearts, the truth only you could know for yourself. The world needs each of our unique truths, each of our light, and each of us working to clean up our own shadow. This is how we find ourselves and best serve each other. This is how we cultivate peace.

Always remember, your best teacher is within you. You have all your own answers, it’s only a matter of uncovering them.



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