Yin Yoga


 Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga in Portland, Oregon


What is Yin Yoga?

  • An exercise for your body’s connective tissues (not your muscles)
  • Targets your joints, especially your low back and hips
  • Slow, steady pressure into the deeper tissues of your body
  • Safe, controlled, beneficial, & productive stress on your body’s deep connection points
  • A passive, meditative practice
  • Slow, smooth, relaxing, and quiet


Benefits of Yin Yoga:

  • Maintain and improve your joint mobility and range of motion, especially as you age
  • Soothe your nerves, reduce your anxiety
  • Reclaim and retrain your body’s relaxation response
  • Stimulate circulation of blood and chi
  • Release pent-up emotion and past physical or mental trauma


Think you’re not flexible enough? Is it difficult for you to stay still for long? Practice Yin Yoga.


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Yin Yoga is exercise for your body’s connective tissues, not your muscles. These less-fluid tissues require application of slow, steady pressure. To move into Yin, first, the muscles must relax.


The job of our muscles is to protect our joints. In a Yin practice, you ask your muscles to let go and allow access to the deeper tissues that they protect.


Practicing Yin Yoga applies a safe, controlled stress on your joints. You relax through your muscles and allow the slow, steady pressure of gravity to do the work.


Yin is a passive, meditative practice. We live in a fast-paced world where we’re always on the move. Yin is the practice of stopping. Of staying still. Of honoring the time it takes to safely work into our deep tissues.


What to expect in a Yin Yoga practice with Open Awareness Yoga:

  • Mostly floor postures, seated and lying down
  • Stay in postures 3-5 minutes or more
  • Deep, rhythmic breathing.
  • Softening in places where you hold stress – scrunched shoulders, clenched jaw…
  • Slowing of your thoughts
  • Pervasive sense of calm


Private sessions are designed for your particular body and personal goals, and can blend Yin Yoga, Yoga Movement, and Productive Relaxation for a complete practice. Find inspiration to continue a practice at home or find confidence to join group yoga classes around town.


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Package sessions available:

For Exhausted Body and Cluttered Mind     For Tight Shoulders and an Achy Low Back     To Unify Your Whole Self

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