new class alert

New Class Alert!

This week I’m super excited to announce that I’ve added two new weekly in-person and streaming classes to my teaching schedule at Sellwood Yoga (pictured above).

On Monday evenings I’ll be teaching a Restorative Yoga class and on Thursday late afternoons, Afternoon Yoga. Each class has a livestream option and on Thursdays you can sign up to practice outside on the deck. It’s so peaceful. More details for these classes can be found here. 

Teaching at Sellwood Yoga is a dream come true. Not only are the folks that practice there friendly, engaged, and really fun and communicative, my fellow teachers are all committed to their practices, highly trained, and excellent teachers. To be honest, the same can be said about all three studios I teach at regularly, but Sellwood Yoga has one additional bonus – I can walk to the studio from home!

Ever since moving to Portland the first time back in 2010, I’ve been in love with the idea of living, working, and playing in one neighborhood. Portland as a city is set up this way. Each little ‘hood has its own mix of markets, bars and restaurants, gyms and studios, and city parks. If you can set it up just right, you can make yourself a life that hardly requires more than walking from home to get to all the places you need to be on a regular basis. At least in theory. 

Obviously, though, jobs and housing are all over the city, and staying in your neighborhood for work isn’t always practical. At least, it can really limit your working-outside-the-home options. Even though I still drive to get to work three days a week, I’m so happy that I can casually meander to Sellwood Yoga twice a week. I get to be a part of my neighborhood in a new way. It feels like the opportunity to build community I’ve been dreaming of. Yay!

Thanks for being a part of my taking a moment to acknowledge dreams coming true. Today’s post is a little celebration of good things happening and you’re helping me make it meaningful by witnessing my excitement.

If you’re in Portland, come check out the space! I’d love to share my neighborhood with you.