Private Yoga Sessions

Ready to get to know yourself better, get out of your own way, feel healthier and more creative, all that good stuff Instagram is always making upbeat (sometimes irritating) posts about?

Work with me!

In-Home Private Open Awareness Yoga Sessions

75 minute in-home private yoga sessions, customized completely to your needs and goals. May include yoga movement, yin yoga, deep relaxation, guided meditation, Reiki energy work, inspiration from the Tarot, and yoga philosophy discussion. Depends entirely on your interests, desires, and state of being in the present moment.

Yoga Movement:

Included in private session, as needed. Yoga movement, aka hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, alignment yoga. These are the yoga asanas (poses) you see most often. We approach these shapes step-by-step in your body, so you understand the positioning and feeling of the pose. Asanas stretch and strengthen the body and mind, and are a great way to begin opening up to your power, clearing your limitations, meeting your fears (handstand, anyone?), and standing firmly on your own two feet. I *love* anatomy and alignment, it is so fun to begin to understand the ways in which your bones and muscles move and stabilize.

Yin Yoga:

Included in private session, as needed. Yin Yoga is an exercise for your connective tissues, a gateway to meditation, a way to open any energetic and emotional blockages, and deeply relaxing. It’s done by holding non-energetic stretch poses for 3-5 minutes at a time. We use a lot of yoga props to support you so that the sensation you feel is just right…not too intense, but not totally benign. I guide you through the experience of the posture and into stillness and silence. Yin as in the opposite of Yang. Yin is passive, receptive, accepting, slow, solid, like the night. Yang is the opposite: active, forceful, assertive, fast, hollow, like the sunny daytime. Most of us live in the yang, so it’s balancing to practice the yin.

Deep Relaxation:

Included in private session, as needed. Deep relaxation, aka Yoga Nidra, aka Guided Meditation. A progressive meditation designed to relax your brain from the inside out. Following the sound of my voice, we start with a rotation of consciousness through the physical body and then move into breathing, visualizing, chakra work, intention manifestation, and back into the body. At first you may fall asleep, but with practice you enter a physical state of deep sleep, but with a trace of mental awareness. People often describe it as a dream-like state, uncertain if you were asleep or awake. It’s a potent practice where you learn to hear your own inner guide, your inner teacher. Much more important than anything you might learn from an external teacher/guide.


Included in private session, as needed. Reiki is a pure and potent energy that is channeled from the infinite source to wherever it’s needed in you. I simply hover my hands or very gently place them on you. People report feeling waves of energy, tingles or shimmering sensation, and a sense of peace and calm. Sometimes the energy sessions lead to movement or stretch. We go with it as a team, you and I. In it together, as is the case with any supporting role in your life.


Included in private session, on request. I’m not psychic nor do I think any discernible future exists – you create your life as you live it in the present moment, and the truth is…you’ll always be in the present moment. Yoga is about finding yourself here, and settling in. Tarot cards are pictures with a lot of symbolism in them, and a Tarot reading usually involves more than one card so that a story is formed. I use the cards as a way to expand and remix perspective on whatever is going on in your world that you want guidance on. It’s a way to get out of the same ole same ole story and into something more inspiring, more life-giving, more oriented towards growth and intention. It’s fun!

Philosophy Talk:

Included in private session, as needed. For the more philosophically minded, we can chat it up about the nature of life, the universe, and everything. (Consequently, in my own pondering, I have not yet arrived at the number 42.) Mostly I’m interested in what you think about things, and I’m always happy to share the yoga philosophy as a potential take on the matter. There are many books and resources I’m happy to share should your mind want more intellectual input (jnana yoga.) I don’t know it all…far far from it, but there is so much inspiration available to us to help us think more broadly and creatively and perhaps appease our mind so that we can move on to feeling, sensing, intuiting, Being.

Throughout it all, we practice breathing. The breath is with us always, a constant friend and a reminder we are alive. It’s our life force, our prana, drawing us into fullness and emptiness in the moments as they unfold. There are many techniques we use in yoga to expand our breath, and by doing so, expand our lifeforce. In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, this is called pranayama.

A 75-minute session costs $150. Rate discount available to those on a budget. Yoga is for everyone.

Call or text 503-893-9563.

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